College Lanyards

Whether you are a current student, alum, or just a fan of their sports or academics program, college lanyards are a great way to show off your school spirit and pride.  For college students, lanyards are great for keys, pens, lip balm, holding a student ID card or for virtually any other item that a student needs readily available.  College alumni can certainly appreciate the memory associated with their alma mater.  And for the avid fan, college lanyards are simply another piece of memorabilia to collect and showcase.

For athletic events such as football, basketball or swimming, or for show events such as orchestra or choir college lanyards can effectively be used for displaying ticket stubs.  At any given time, the job of an usher or security guard is to check on whether or not you have the right to be there.  Presenting your ticket stub in a clear plastic sleeve hung at the end of a lanyard will get you on your way faster than digging through wallets, purses, or pockets.  For fans that like to save and collect the ticket stubs this is also a great way to keep them safe and undamaged.

For a student looking for their particular college lanyard, likely they have to go no further than the campus bookstore for their own personalized lanyard of the alma mater.  For everyone else, finding college lanyards is simply a matter of shopping around.  Many online retailers have thousands of college lanyards in stock especially of teams in the NCAA since college sports is quite the income generator for a lot of colleges.

The price of college lanyards can be a bit expensive, but certainly an acceptable price to pay for any fan.  Some college lanyards might be given out as promotional items at college fairs or given to recruited students.  Having the lanyard and toting it around campus can help students find a sense of belonging and community.  The same can be said of the sports fans that proudly wear their college lanyards into the sporting arena and into the broader family of fans, students, and athletes that make the college experience meaningful.


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